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Community Policing

Community Policing

Neighborhood Watch


Neighborhood Watch is a community-based program designed to deter crime and unite residents. Police officers meet with individual neighborhoods to discuss local crime statistics, current town events and ways residents can keep themselves and their neighborhoods safe. Topics such as identity theft, home safety and personal safety are discussed during the meetings. Neighborhood Watch is a successful anti-crime effort, with residents and police working together and neighbor looking out for neighbor.


National Night Out Against Crime


National Night Out is a drug and crime prevention program that strengthens police and community partnerships. Residents, business owners and all branches of emergency services come together to show their support for anti-crime and drug enforcement programs to send a message to criminals that the community is standing together to fight back against crime.


National Night Out is held at the Pine Street playground on the first Tuesday in August. Residents can enjoy food, entertainment, giveaways and a raffle raffle from 6PM to 8PM. Through the support of local businesses and the Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, residents are able to attend the evening for free. 


Roselle Junior Police Academy


The Junior Police Academy is a 16-week program sponsored by a grant through the Roselle Family Success Center and Prevention Links. Police officers conduct weekly classes with students ages 13 through 17 in all areas of law enforcement. Topics covered are DWI, search and seizure, CPR, crime scene investigations, fingerprinting, community policing, RADAR and patrol practices. The program is as a way to establish a common bond with the youth of Roselle and to prevent kids from entering the juvenile justice system, is now in its fourth year. The program is scheduled from January to May each year.




DARE is a police officer led program that teaches students how to resist peer pressure and live productive drug free and violence free lives. DARE is a ten week program that is taught to the fifth grade students of Roselle in both the public and private schools. Officers visit the classrooms weekly and cover topics that include smoking, alcohol, marijuana and other dangerous drugs. Students receive workbooks and prizes for participation. They also write an essay on the importance of being drug free and enjoy a graduation ceremony at the conclusion of the program. Funding for DARE is provided by the Roselle Everett Hatcher Municipal Drug Alliance.


Anti-Bullying Programs


The anti-bullying programs are conducted through the Roselle Community Policing Unit in the elementary and middle schools. Given the growing concern for bullying and keeping our young people safe, the Roselle Police Department helped design an anti-bullying program that stresses showing respect and how hurtful words can be. Officers also discuss anti-bullying laws and how they apply to kids.

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