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PRESS RELEASE: August 24, 2017

Recently, the Roselle Police Department has responded to numerous incidents of vehicles being burglarized overnight throughout the borough. Most of the vehicles are believed to have been left unlocked. In most of the crimes reported, victims had loose change, currency, jewelry, wallets, cellular phones, tablets, small electronic devices, pocketbooks, gym bags and laptops stolen. There are no specific locations these thieves are targeting however the Roselle Police Department wants to assure its residents efforts are being made to combat motor vehicle burglaries.

The Roselle Police Department is urging residents to assist in reducing motor vehicle burglaries by following a few simple steps to make your vehicle a less attractive target. LOCK your car, TAKE your keys, and HIDE your belongings.

Please don't hesitate to call the police department at 908-245-2000 if you see any suspicious activity.

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